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Unlike many other family histories, this one starts with the author and winds its way back through time for each of the lines included in this document, as far as I have been able to trace that line. This usually means that the shorter of each pair of lines (typically but not necessarily that of the female parent) is traced to its known beginnings first.    Within each family, however, I have tried to present a coherent chronological account, often stretching over several decades or more, for each generation that can be reliably identified.  The overall scheme described above is occasionally violated, therefore, when I have concentrated on the story of the family and have let the chips of the generational details fall where they may.   For more information of a general nature, read the Introduction.

"A Directory of Families" page

Here you will find an alphabetized table of contents by family for those looking for information about particular families and the individuals within them who are mentioned in this narrative. Most if not all of those referred to in this document are included in this directory.  Alternative spellings of family names are included.    Using the search feature of your browser (either a dedicated key for searches or ControlF, depending on the browser) you can find the pages that mention a particular individual, location, date, or other reference.


Footnote numbering begins with 1 in each chapter.

Women's family names

A woman's family name, when known, is shown in {braces}: e.g. Irene Louise {Habicht} Neal.


Certain abbreviations are explained the first time they are used. If you are reading only a section or two, you may find this short list helpful:
  • IGI – International Genealogical Index
  • IHS – Indiana Historical Society
  • LDS – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • USGS – United States Geological Survey

Supporting information

This history was originally intended for my own family, which explains its references to my personal files, photographic slides, maps, and similar supporting documentation. Work is underway to include portions of this supporting information on this website.


This is a living document, which I revise as I discover more information. The date of the last revision of each section is shown on the table of contents page and at the top of each section of the entire document, which enables you to check to see whether there has been an update to any section since you last visited the website.

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